Paula Levy, Marriage Counseling, Couples & Family Therapy in Westport and Ridgefield, Connecticut

Individual and Family Counseling is provided by Paula Levy, an experienced Marriage & Family Therapist. She helps couples, families and individuals with their relationship and psychological issues.

Couples Counseling

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Marriage Counseling Services

Communication Good communication is the foundation of any relationship and it is especially … Read More...

Individual Counseling


Therapy for Depression and Anxiety

Individuals frequently require therapy for depression and anxiety. We live in a stressful world and … Read More...

Childrens Counseling

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Child Counseling Services

Our children are precious to us. We worry when they are having difficulties at home or at school. … Read More...

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Although fifty percent of marriages end in divorce, dealing with divorce issues is never easy. For most couples, one of the greatest concerns during this life transition is the welfare of their children. Parents want to minimize the impact of the divorce on their family. Today, there are divorce … [Read More...]

Domestic violence

“Did I marry the wrong person?” As a marriage counselor and couples therapist, I am frequently asked that question from my therapy clients here in Westport and Ridgefield, Connecticut. They are frustrated and saddened by the state of their marriage – the arguments, the disappointments and the … [Read More...]


Paula literally saved our marriage! We are eternally grateful to her. When my husband and I started counseling we were separated. Now we actually listen to one another and have found happiness again. Paula was able to be very neutral and give us constructive feedback. She taught us communication techniques that not only helped us in our relationship but also in our lives.

SR Greenwich, CT
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